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Caveats, the red flags of property law.

Caveats, the red flags of property law.

The word caveat simply means a warning or notice, and a caveat precisely does that. A caveat serves notice to all the world that someone has an interest in a property alongside the interest of the registered owner of that property. The caveat will not only inform everyone that you have an interest in the […]

Adverse Possession and Squatter’s Rights – What are they and could they affect you?

Bill Gertos, a Sydney based property developer and former accountant has been successful in litigating to become the legal owner of a $1.7 million Sydney home that he moved into after the death of the true owner. The house located at 6 Malleny Street in Ashbury was originally owned by Mr Henry Downie, who occupied […]

Accessing your Neighbours Property to carry out work

In some instances the courts may impose an easement or access order when conflict arises over access to neighbouring land and negotiations between the parties have failed. For example, if a house is built up against or very close to the neighbouring property, it may be necessary for the owners to enter the neighbouring land […]

Steps in converting company title duplex to torrens title in Randwick Council

With the resolution announced by Randwick Council on 17 April 2018 to change its LEP and allow subdivision of company title duplexes approved prior to 8 July 2018, I have been inundated with enquiries from company title property owners looking for more information on the process involved for them to convert their property. I have […]
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