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A great time to buy property in NSW

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A great time to buy property in NSW

We are being bombarded in the news with reports about housing in Australian and in particular NSW being unaffordable.
The first thing I should say is that I think that this so called “crisis” is a bit of a media beat up. I still have many clients buying and selling real estate both as investors and as owner occupiers.

In any event, if there is a “crisis” and if prices have fallen it is probably the best time to buy a property. If you have any knowledge about investing in shares and property you would have heard that the best time to buy an investment is in a depressed market.

At clickconveyancing we recognise the benefits of investing in property and in young people buying their own home. The benefits of investing and of owning your own home are well known. If you look at the recently published list of Australia’s 200 richest people you will find that most have made their money in property.

We would like to do our bit to encourage investors and home buyers back into the property market. Apart from providing you with top notch fixed price conveyancing the best way we can do that is by helping you save money in your conveyancing costs.

For the month of June we are pleased to announce that we have reduced our conveyancing fees for purchases and sales of property to $895 inclusive of GST and disbursements*. This offer will be especially attractive to savvy property investors and budget conscious first home buyers.

We have looked at what other conveyancers and property solicitors are charging and we honestly think that our June special provides the cheapest conveyancing price in NSW. Contact us now to take advantage of this special offer.

* This offer only applies to properties worth less than $1 million.