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Love thy neighbour

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Love thy neighbour

We often have clients instruct us to act for them in disputes with their neighbours. These disputes sometimes arise quite quickly after our clients move into their new property.

We always advise our clients to make an effort to meet their neighbours before they purchase their dream property. Disruptive relations with neighbours can turn your dream home into a nightmare!

We feel that it is also important that when you move into a new property you make an effort to get along with your new neighbours. Think twice before you start an argument over something that might not be so important.
The following is an example of an email I received from a client after settlement:

I noticed at today’s house inspection the neighbour on one side of the house has a gate that touches my house. I was wondering what my legal rights are to ask the neighbour to take his gate off my property”

The following is the reply that I sent to my client:

“If the gate is connected to your property in some way you are within your legal rights to ask for it to be removed. If it is just touching your house or does not really impact you in a negative way you need to consider what effect you asking them to remove the gate will have on your relationship with your neighbours.

We see lots of neighbourhood disputes. These disputes are often over very petty matters and they can be very stressful and expensive for all concerned. In our opinion it is always best to do your best to get along with your neighbour rather than be in conflict with them.”